The Wharf

Unique Harvests Sdn. Bhd. is a leading organization in property development in Miri with over 15 years of experience and excellent track record. It is the developer of the prime Miri Waterfront Commercial Centre, which consists of indisputably successful commercial shop houses fronting the Miri River.

This includes over 44 units of 4-storey shophouses, 2 blocks of 6-storey commercial building namely Wisma Interhill and Wisma Sarawak Plantation, a 6-storey car park which can accommodate 430 cars and a recreation of a Feng Shui revolving marble ball fountain which had been handed over to the Miri City Council.

mini trophySHEDA Excellence Awards 2010
Outstanding Development
(Retail, Hotel, Shopping Mall, Shop Houses)

interhill collage